In Blend we want to make known the creations of the most talented designers. Our team, which comes from different sectors of fashion, contribute to each brand a dedication to promote and sell their collections.

Blend offers a range of services to make available to its clients the best strategies to satisfy communication, image and marketing needs.


Collection Showcase: Blend has a space of 200m2 to house designers and brands and show them to the media and future buyers.
PR & Product Placement
Press Dossier
Press Day: 2 days of presentation of the collections to media and buyers.


The years of experience of our team in the fashion industry and the possession of relevant information on the sector, endorse Blend when advising our clients on the communication, image, and marketing of their brand. We put our creative direction at our disposal to position the brand in all areas.

PR & Communication

Annual Planning of Press Releases
Elaboration of silhouettes for press (with professional photographer and retouching)
VIP Dressing: We dress influencers and celebrities for events
Brand Content: We develop content with brand clothes for Social Networks

Fashion Production

Our creative team, with experience in fashion production for other media and brands, has the technical and creative resources for the production and realization of lookbooks and campaigns. It also offers brands the possibility of designing catalogs, web pages and branding. We have our own photographic and creative studio where we can carry out these productions, reducing the high costs of renting material and space to the client.